Artful Feast,Eating on the Road

Playa Dreams

25 Oct , 2006  

Did we really just see giant plushie cupcakes zooming by?

Cupcake Cars

I once promised a tale of food and cookery from a far off land, but words fail me when it comes to adventures of the extreme. I should have known it would be this way. The everyday meal has no place in Faerie tales. It’s always mountains of one thing, tiny grasshopper bites of another, hidden obstacles, and unforeseen gifts. Things you thought of before arriving simply vanish in the dust.

The world whispers…eat me, drink me.

Playa Q Camp CookingHave you fallen down the rabbit hole Alice? Did you really watch naked bakers make beignets? Take candy from strangers? Find a desert hot dog oasis? Drink mojitos with cowboys?

Neverwas HaulDream of hosting dinner inside a rambling mobile castle? Sip tea with playa zombies wandering by? Break fast inside a cathedral? Dance with dust devils in the sky?

Sunrise in Black Rock City is food for the soul.

Burning Man Sunrise

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