Honey Sweet Frozen Peach Yogurt

29 Jun , 2007  

Recipe for starting the summer off right….

Peach Frozen Yogurt
  1. one bag of uber ripe farmer’s market peaches
  2. a gifted jar of manuka honey from New Zealand
  3. one deliciously sweet cookbook by an American dude living in paris
  4. three hours of passionate hands-on ice cream making instructions
  5. one borrowed Mega Ball ice cream maker
  6. thirty eight years of ice cream cravings

As Spring was gearing up and heading into Summer I simply couldn’t resist falling into the ice cream craze. Knowing that David Lebovitz would be doing a book tour for The Perfect Scoop (his new frozen desserts cookbook) I waited on pins and needles for him to arrive in Berkeley. If you’re not familiar with David be sure to drop by his blog…his adventures as an expat in France has kept me laughing for over two years now.Of course the wait was worth it and enjoying a taste of Chicory Chocolate Chip ice cream from Berkeley’s Ici was the icing on the cake….errr…scoop. Photos here.

The Perfect Scoop is 246 pages of easy to understand info and recipes that will have your mouth watering in 60 seconds flat. I’m amazed at how simple some of his recipes are, and the flavors combinations are just insanely wonderful. David doesn’t skip anything making sure to include recipes for sorbets, frozen yogurt, sherbet, granitas, plus sauces, mix-in treats, homemade cones and an array of ‘vessels’ like ice cream sandwich cookies! I have to apologize to all my friends for talking about nothing but ice cream for the last two weeks.With a pile of lovely ripe peaches on hand my first recipe to conquer was Peach Frozen Yogurt on page 90. Instead of using refined sugar I decided to give it a go with manuka honey (a dark honey from New Zealand which has a rich heady taste).

Talk about sexy…this is peaches XXX.

Since I don’t currently own an electric ice cream maker I borrowed a  low brow ice cream maker from the awesome Shuna. Silly? Maybe a tiny bit. Fun? Yes! It was incredibly easy to use. Of course my boyfriend had to point out that I earned extra nerd points for rolling it around while watching Youtube videos. Uh, they were cooking videos sweetie…really, I swear.Want to guess what flavor comes next?

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  1. I love that you borrowed Shuna’s big balls. Did you play with both balls at the same time?

  2. Sounds like the perfect recipe for summer!

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