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Love is a Lost Fish Biscuit Cookie

14 Feb , 2007  

A Valentine’s Day confession.

I admit it. I’m a Lost addict. I simply can’t get enough of this show and I’m not really sure why. All the exploding fiery plane bits were pretty exciting in the beginning and then I kept on watching…because who can deny the wonders of, oh well, being lost on a island in the middle of nowhere I guess. Ooh the mysteriousness of it all makes me tingly inside. This is love right?

Okay…honestly, this isn’t about me. It’s about FISH BISCUITS people!

Lost Fish Biscuit Cookies

Kate and Sawer in the CageBecause we all know that fish biscuits have the power of love hidden inside. Like a strangely morphed scene from Like Water For Chocolate, I’ve been imagining those secret Dharma cooks laboring away over a hot oven mixing batches of biscuit dough and being sure to cry a few tears into the bowl. What else in the world could inspire two incredibly dirty and hot kids to get nekkid in a cage on camera?

As a little token of my love on this V-day I’ve made a special batch of Lost Fish Biscuit cookies! And while the recipe I used might say “flavored with citrus zest” I promise you…every bite tastes like strawberries.
Sawyer Gets Himself a Fish Biscuit

I started plotting my cookie project many months ago, wondering what make for the best combination of recipe and coloring. Figuring out the correct size by comparing the layout of Sawyer’s mouth/hand/face biscuit munching action came in handy (thanks for actually taking a bite on camera dude).

Mixing up what I thought would be the first test batch of several it all turned out to perfectly. While it’s not hard to make your own cookie cutters (tutorial here), I decided to create a template on stock paper and cut them out by hand with a sharp knife. It didn’t take long considering they’re life size; each cookie is about eight inches in length, two inches wide, and almost a half inch thick. Since the cookies are so large you have to roll out the dough on your baking sheet or a silpat otherwise they’ll get distorted if you try to move them. One batch of dough will yield around five cookies and the lovely salmon color comes from one quarter bottle each of both red and yellow food coloring.

Making Fish Biscuit Cookies 1

I made two paper templates one of which I used to cut out the cookie shape, the other I folded in half and used as a guide for the lettering. While looking at the top half of the template (which is laid on top of the raw cut out cookie dough) I used a small butter knife to press the bottom half of each letter. Then removing the template I finished the top of each letter. It’s not perfect but it still looked close to the real deal. A purist with money might simply buy a cake letterpress set like this one, but you can also download my fish biscuit template and have a go at it the freestyle way.

Making Fsh Biscuit Cookies 2
Kat's Fish Biscuit Cookies

As a parting present here’s a little video recap of the moment Lost became a legend in my mind. Thanks for the fish biscuit dance Sawyer…and thanks Kate, for taking a bite of his already half eaten cookie.

For those Lost fanatics out there here’s a sound clip just begging to be turned into a ringtone.


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8 Responses

  1. Pball4life says:

    excuse me i am actually having a lost themed party and insted of the zest how do you get the strawberry flavor you said you had in it because it sounds really good.

  2. Kat says:

    Oops! The ‘strawberry flavor’ was actually a joke in reference to when Sawyer says that Kate tastes like strawberries. Sorry about that. They still taste great…I promise!!!

  3. Pball4life says:

    i am sorry to bother you again but i was wondering whether to use the ginger bread recipe or the zest recipe or should i just try both?

  4. Kat says:

    If you want to use food coloring and the cookies more like the ones on the show you’ll need to use the Citrus Sugar Cookie recipe as the gingerbread ones will be very dark brown.

  5. JunaD says:

    Awesome fish biscuit cookies. What a great idea.

  6. LOSTeph says:

    I can never get tired of the fishbiscuits. I had to get the Sawyer’s Giant Fishbiscuit tee, which I wore all summer, especially in OC Md.

    mmm mmm mmmm can’t wait to bite into them.

    Thank you everyone !

    I was caged with Sawyer eaten fishbiscuits & biscuits n gravytrain’

  7. Tablebread says:

    These are really cool! I am a Lost fanatic and these are right up my ally.

    Also, found you by way of Baking Bites ;)


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