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Hot Lava Hawaiian Food

8 May , 2006  

From steam vents to bubbling hot springs, ingenious chefs (and even a few wayward travellers) acround the world have used volcanic power for cooking…but the folks at Dolphin Bay Hotel in Hilo show off some serious Hawaiian cooking fu with their Hot Lava Game Hen recipe.

Lava Cooking 2

Lava Cooking 1

Surprisingly, cooking with 2000° F still takes the same amount of time as oven roasting, its just a tad more interesting and requires a few special items of equipment like kevlar gloves and a shovel. The Dolphin Bay folks are kind enough to point out that it should be a shovel you don’t mind throwing away.

While this isn’t something you can do at home, you can get a little taste of lava love by using oven heated volcanic rocks…the latest fad in tableside cooking.

Luau RoastOf course there’s always traditional Hawaiian cooking which uses lava stones placed in a imu pit. While cooking with hot lava right from Pele’s mouth requires you to leave a vent for steam to escape, the trick to awesome kalua pork involves keeping the steam trapped inside the covered pit.

Anyone up for a luau?

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  1. dchow says:

    i was in hawaii last month . . . wish i had known about this! i was on kauai and not the big island, though. maybe there’s some sort of lava alternative in boston . . .

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