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Play With Your Food…April Fools

1 Apr , 2006  

There’s nothing like April Fools Day to inspire the masses to think of creative ways to test their cooking fu. Whether you get off on creating unusual artistic foods or just want to be silly, check out my ongoing series 101 Ways to Play With Food….

Ideas # 1 to 16 – How to Make Sushi
Ideas #17 to 30 – Food Carving
Ideas #31 to 40 – Japanese Desserts
Ideas #41 to 49 – Our Daily Bread

There’s more to come…!

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Diamonds Are a Cooks Best Friend

22 Feb , 2006  

Japanese artisans are taking food to a whole new level…it’s like watching an episode of Takeshi’s castle turned MXC!

Round 1
Diamond Fruitcake December: A department store in Tokyo put a $1.7m fruitcake on sale. Covered in 223 diamonds, the cake took six months of planning and one month create. I’m left wondering where a pastry chef would apply for a loan to purchase the gems, and does one need special insurance in case the buyer accidentally ingests the decorative sparklies? No mention if the cake actually sold.

Round 2
January: Not to be outdone, a Tokyo jeweler makes his power move by creating a chocolate bar that would put Willy Wonka to shame. Said to be worth 500 million Yen, the bar is artfully decorated with 2006 diamonds and carved into the shape of Africa; one of the world’s largest producers of diamonds. Clearly this guy wasn’t letting a mere pastry chef take away his food lover title.

And the winner is….
Secret underdog contender, Koo-ki Sushi!

I had to give it up to these California based Japanese ladies who’ve been making amazingly realistic chocolate and cookie based sushi for years. I mean come on…apricot gummi salmon roe? Green tea wasabi on rice cookies? A special fish bottle of shoyu chocolate sauce?

Every foodie girl knows that kind of sushi beats out diamonds any day.