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Ubuntu Linux Cookie Mashup

8 Nov , 2006  

What happens when techies start baking? They give birth to open source software logo cookies! Behold….Ubuntu and Linux for your belly!

Ubuntu Linux Cookies

* If you’re not really sure what Ubuntu and Linux is, don’t worry….you can always create a cookie design with that cute little Firefox.

The ‘computer geek gone chef, and back again’ blog has been working overtime to bring us must-read posts like Working With Pumpkin and Why I Love Perl (okay…so this post is a little about programming but also about food. How can you go wrong I ask?). Joseph’s recipes and tutorials are one part food science, one part artistry, and one part geek love. You’re guaranteed to walk away with a smile on your face and a brain full of serious cooking lore.

Go check out and be sure to download one of his foodie wallpapers.

Joseph Hall Blog