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Finding Organic Farmers

24 Apr , 2007  

Local Harvest Organic Farmers

So excited that I just found Local Harvest, a resource directory for sustainable and organic farmers across the US. They list farmer’s markets as well as shops and farms that offer mail order. Want some fresh picked morel mushrooms? Done. Need a ten pound bacon avocado? Done. Craving a bit of grass fed tenderloin? Done.

Warning: Local Harvest can be addicting.

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Falling in Love With Citrus

14 Apr , 2006  

One thing I adore about our little home near San Francisco is that we’re perfectly situated in warm sunny microclimate. It seems to be the perfect weather for growing citrus and other fruits, and the Meyer lemon tree that had just been planted when we moved in is thriving. I feel so spoiled with these luscious things that grow year round. I’ve since added a dwarf Clementine tree. Between us and the neighbors noone goes for wanting apples, persimmons, figs, and other goodies.

What? Who me? …spoiled? Nooooooo, never.

One trick I’ve figured out is that it’s really important to keep ants off the tree. If you let them run wild eventually you’ll end up with a scale infestation and possibly soot mold as well (been there, done that). Placing Tanglefoot on the trunk seems to be the only way to really block the ants. Since I have dogs I also had to rig up an enclosure so they couldn’t get to the poison. This was actually pretty simple using a few bamboo quarter inch bamboo poles with burlap wrapped around. You could also use chicken wire of course.

Wegman’s Nursery website has some good citrus growing information, as does Four Winds Growers.

Of course what totally rocks is that nonprofit groups like Spiral Gardens and Village Harvest will come by and pick your unused fruit for donation to food banks and other local programs. You can read more about them here.