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Chicago Here I Come

24 Jul , 2007  

BlogHer '07 Conference Theme I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve never been to Chicago…but will soon remedy that by visiting this week while attending the Blogher conference. I can’t wait to see the Niki Saint Phalle installation at Garfield Park Conservatory, and I’ve been told I must try: D’Amato’s Italian Bakery, Thai Pastry at Broadway and Argyle, and Belgian beer [Leffe] at Hopleaf.

Am I missing anything?

Last year I was a volunteer on the Blogher podcast crew, but i’m going solo this time around and am hoping to do some quick vids and live blogging. We’ll see how well that works out once I hit the swarm of 800 other rawkin chick bloggers all wanting to do the same.

If you want some Kung Foodie luv i’ll be the one wearing combat boots and a Bruce Lee tee yo!

I’m shacking up with some amazing folks, plus visiting an old Internet friend of many many years. We’ve never met in real-time before so i’m feeling a bit giddy. He’s already use to calling me dude so I think we’ll do fine.

Stay tuned for photos and serious Chicago food action.

Bay Area Best,Hungry Blogger

Pie Dough Poetry

22 May , 2007  

A warm day hinting of Summer…in the kitchen with others. Low level laughter, smiles, hushed bakers listening intently. We’re here to learn. Flour, butter, water. The simplest of things, yet so many mysteries to unravel. In the freezer…from ice cold to piping hot; from brick and mortar we build this wonderful thing of baked goodness. Fresh from the oven. This is home. Hands moving softly, back and forth, spinning. Like a dance of tradition. I’m reaching for apron strings…thinking of grandmother.

Photos by Kung Foodie,
at the Eggbeater Baking Class

Hungry Blogger

the Lone Refrigerator

12 May , 2007  

Refrigerator Madness

Following in the footsteps of Beck’s n Posh I’m showing off an unedited version of the Kung Foodie refrigerator (dateline: 3/11/07). I’ll be the first to admit I’m not so great at keeping the fridge clean, but it certainly helps if there’s been NO GROCERY SHOPPING action* in almost six weeks!

*This illness is known as Minus Foodius, a disease many freelance web developers suffer from, and is often caused by overexposure to html code.

Good thing I at least have friends who bring me edible gifts from far off places!