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Japanese Cooking Tricks

13 Mar , 2006  

Forget those boring Food Network cooking shows! It’s time to get your Asian geek-on with these hilarious educational cooking vids I found on You Tube. Here’s six tricks every wannabe Iron Chef should know.

1. Removing Potatoes Skins with a Twist
You can use this trick for lots of foods like tomatoes or peaches. Just be sure to score an entire line around the fruit or veggie before boiling, then drop into an ice bath afterwards.

Peeling Shrimp2. The Two Second Method for Peeling Shrimp
It’s so much fun, everyone’s doing it! Just be sure to bring your scissors.

3. A Perfect Cuppa Hot Cocoa
Whenever you want to dissolve powder in a liquid the trick is to stir back and forth in a line, not a circle!

4. No Fuss Fish Cleaning
Apparently rubber spatulas have the perfect edge for removing fish scales. Of course you can always ask the butcher at the meat counter to do it for you.

5. Keeping Your Potstickers From Sticking
Oil the pan after it’s gotten hot, then add your gyoza. If you steam them with water or stock you’ll want to pour that off and cook just a bit longer.

Shelling Crab6. Pulling Whole Crab from the Shell
All of you ReadyMade fans are going to love this one…besides the little sound effects the crab meat makes when it comes out of the shell are, hmmmm…mouth-watering?