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Musical Pancakes

10 Mar , 2007  

Millions of people from all over the world are digging into Pancakes! …a home brew song and music video. Way to rock the kitchen James.

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The Little Giant Girl

21 Aug , 2006  

Little Giant Girl
Sultan's Elephant
(photos by Nic0)

My love of delicious things goes far beyond food as I refuse to let go of childhood fantasies…like little girls who can time travel, giant elephants that sew, and mysterious sultans on a quest to see their dreams come true.

From Royal de Luxe…French artists creating wonderous things. The story and more photos. Video by Electric Pig.

I cannot begin to describe how this makes my heart sing.

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Popsicle Dreams

14 Aug , 2006  


I recently stumbled upon the beautiful food blog Nordljus. Lordy this woman takes beautiful photos and writes of delicious things…like popsicles!

Our San Francisco heat wave has come and gone, yet even with the chilly Bay Area summer nights the neighborhood ice cream truck music rings in my head bringing me dreams of childhood days scrambling for change to buy my favorite orange creamsicles or strawberry push-ups. If you just missed that music link I dare you to go back and click it.

While August 14th is National Creamsicle Day, I think my thirty-something self would rather make these Strawberry Rhubarb Almond Yogurt Lollies on Keiko’s blog.

As usual with the Internet I find that my life is compressed with little more than one degree separation of all things I love. The second I’m thinking of sweet icy things and searching for recipes I find the most adorable music video Popsickle from a band called the Starlight Mints. It just so happens that I went to college with one of the Mints (hallo Marian!) and worked at a catering company with another (hallo Allen!). Those sweltering August days in Oklahoma were divinely made for popsicles.

[If the video is missing I apologize, it means that Youtube is down for maintenance.]

Bloggers Popsicle Recipe Roundup…

Mmmmmm…I must go find some frozen green tea mochi on a stick! Get your fill of more ice cream music here.

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A Celebration of Rotten Tomatoes

25 Jun , 2006  

I can’t think of anything more hilarous and invigirating than a good food fight, especially one that’s government sanctioned and involves cargo trucks full of tomatoes.

This really is far beyond “playing with your food”.

You can read more about the history La Tomatina on Wikipedia.