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a Santa Cruz Vacation

15 Apr , 2007  

I somehow managed to get the heck outta Dodge last month for a mini weekend vacation in Santa Cruz. The weather was a perfect 70-something with sunshine and blue skies. The goal of our adventure…relax, love, drink wine, eat good food, and listen to the ocean waves. The world would be a better place if we all had to do this more often.



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Playa Dreams

25 Oct , 2006  

Did we really just see giant plushie cupcakes zooming by?

Cupcake Cars

I once promised a tale of food and cookery from a far off land, but words fail me when it comes to adventures of the extreme. I should have known it would be this way. The everyday meal has no place in Faerie tales. It’s always mountains of one thing, tiny grasshopper bites of another, hidden obstacles, and unforeseen gifts. Things you thought of before arriving simply vanish in the dust.

The world whispers…eat me, drink me.

Playa Q Camp CookingHave you fallen down the rabbit hole Alice? Did you really watch naked bakers make beignets? Take candy from strangers? Find a desert hot dog oasis? Drink mojitos with cowboys?

Neverwas HaulDream of hosting dinner inside a rambling mobile castle? Sip tea with playa zombies wandering by? Break fast inside a cathedral? Dance with dust devils in the sky?

Sunrise in Black Rock City is food for the soul.

Burning Man Sunrise

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Granville Island Farmer’s Market

24 Jul , 2006  

Our recent Vancouver adventures led us to the popular farmer’s market on Granville Island. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day…Canada Day! The sun was shining, the Jazz festival was happening, and it was also my birthday. So we toasted another year gone by with a few pints of maple cream ale then hit the stalls to stuff ourselves silly.

Granville Island Public Market

Granville Island Food

Granville Island Charcuterie

Corn Chowder Pot Pie

Feta Olive Ravioli

Wild BC Salmon

Salmon Pepperoni

Vancouver Rainier Cherries

Vancouver Old World Fudge

Granville Island Tea Company

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Vancouver Adventures

6 Jul , 2006  

Vancouver Twilight

I’ve finally been indoctrinated into the Vancouver love fest…everyone I talk to who’s been there loves it, and now I know why.

It was by far the most perfect Summer weather in any coastal town I’ve ever visited. We’re talking serious sunshine all day and still warm enough for shirt sleeves at night. The sun sets in slow motion which means you can sit on the beach for hours watching; with the waves rolling in like music and bonfires sparkling in twilight.

Last week was a nonstop adventure with biking in Stanley Park, kayaking in Deep Cove, hiking in Lynn Creek Canyon, and hours of exploring city streets (plus tiny aquabus ferries dancing on the water). Tho I’m bummed we walked right by the fuzzy window display at the cutest cupcake shop.

With the large British, Dutch, Indian, and Asian immigrant population there’s an amazing eclectic mix of ethnic restaurants with kickass sushi joints on every corner. I did not have a single bad meal the entire time and the highlight was definitely hitting the lively Public food market on Granville Island. Amazing tea, seafood everywhere, real cornish pasties, yummy frothy brewery beer (I recommend the Maple Creme Ale), organic fruits, french raw milk cheese, and of course…maple syrup tastings. Sweet.

We barely even had a chance to explore the beautiful old Chinatown…or the new one! We definitely can’t wait to go back.

Vancouver Chinatown