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Harry Potter’s Mandrake Cake

22 Aug , 2007  

photo by chotda

“Don’t forget to wear your earmuffs when you pull him out–or else!”

Made with devil’s food cake in a terracotta pot, covered in devil’s food crumbs, and a gumpaste/pastillage mandrake root embedded on top.

Cake Mania,Kitchen Kawaii

Vintage Tea Set Cupcake

18 Aug , 2007  

Royal Albert Tea and Cupcakes

OMG! OMG! Babeh cupcake on a cupcake alert!

And another…If that eensy choco swissroll could say something he’d be all, “ehn…I wants a butterfly too!”

Cake Mania

Super Size Cream Pie

21 Jan , 2007  

Okay…partay peeples, i’ll let this one speak for itself. It conjures up all sorts of scary and wonderful thoughts for me. I snapped this pic at a diner in ‘middle of nowhere’, California. More whip cream anyone?

cream pies

Cake Mania

The Super Mario Wedding Cake!

5 Oct , 2006  

Awwwww…if there’s one way to win a gamer’s heart, it’s to surprise them with a character cake. There’s an adorable story behind this one kids. Read it straight from the Groom’s blog, but don’t forget your hanky cause it’s too simply too cute. This is how you level up your wedding!

Cake by Gateaux Inc in Minnesota.
Photos by Groom’s friend Ben

Super Mario Wedding Cake

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