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Dopo in Oakland

22 Mar , 2008  

photo by flickrjo

Just got back home after a three hour meal at Dopo…my first time and there….and baby jaeesuz was that ever amazing!

My favorite dish of the night was the scallop sausage (yes folks, it really was scallops made into sausage, big FAT sausage, sliced and tasting like nothing I’ve ever had before) which was simply divine.

If i can remember correctly we also got the Salumi plate with eight different kinds of meat heaven. Bread with lard spread…ayup, LARD! Delicious bacony creamy lard…just eat it and tell your sweetie it’s white butter. *winkwink* Oysters and clams on the half shell, which always get me bouncing in my seat. A huge dish of halibut radish crudo (crudo is Italian for ‘kicka** raw fish’, or at least at Dopo it is). A small plates platter with stuffed roasted quail, mussels in red sauce on toasted bread (my words do absolutely no justice to this), and the aforementioned scallop AMAZING ™ sausage. This is where the skys opened up and angels sang to us from above.

Wait…i’m not done yet!

We also had to try the fresh pasta that Dopo makes onsite. We had ravioli filled with sage seasoned beef cheeks and cream sauce, and some amazing tagliatelle with lamb. AND ON TOP OF ALL THIS, our fearless leader insisted we eat pizza. Okay, I admit by this point both my head and my belly were exploding but how could I refuse? Pizza it was, three kinds to be exact and if you’re going to try some then I recommend definitely including the standard buffalo mozzerella with basil tomato sauce. This is pizza perfection in simplicity.

The staff was incredibly gracious throughout our never-ending meal…always being attentive and pairing each dish with a great wine. To top it all off we desperately needed espresso and tastings from the dessert menu. There was no way I was going to last the drive home without a sugar and caffeine pick-me-up! Needless to say I think we ordered one of everything, but if you can only pick one dessert then go for the espresso panna cotta. Oh yea, and the cannolis……and errr, the pistachio gelato. Uh yea…just one dessert, ahem.

This is how the Italians roll.

Dopo does not have a website but you can find them on Yelp. They’re located at 4293 Piedmont Ave in Oakland.

Cake Mania,Kitchen Kawaii

Harry Potter’s Mandrake Cake

22 Aug , 2007  

photo by chotda

“Don’t forget to wear your earmuffs when you pull him out–or else!”

Made with devil’s food cake in a terracotta pot, covered in devil’s food crumbs, and a gumpaste/pastillage mandrake root embedded on top.

Cake Mania,Kitchen Kawaii

Vintage Tea Set Cupcake

18 Aug , 2007  

Royal Albert Tea and Cupcakes

OMG! OMG! Babeh cupcake on a cupcake alert!

And another…If that eensy choco swissroll could say something he’d be all, “ehn…I wants a butterfly too!”

Bay Area Best,Desserts

Ice Cream Dream

7 Jun , 2007  

First pie dough pictures, now ice cream…..the deliciousness just keeps coming.

Photos by Kung Foodie,
at the Eggbeater Ice Cream Class